Cat Veterinarian - Rice

Cat Veterinarian in Rice, MN

Do you need a veterinarian for your cat in Rice?

Whether they’re affectionate or aloof, cats make a wonderful addition to any family and it’s important that they receive regular veterinary checkups and care. If you need a reliable cat vet in Rice, let Rice Veterinary Clinic take the very best care of your kitty.

The Most Experienced Vets to Care for Your Cat

You can trust that your cat will always receive top-notch love and care when you bring it to Rice Veterinary Clinic. Our cat veterinarians in Rice can provide your kitty with a number of services, including:

  • Wellness & Preventive Care – Our cat vets can do everything from wellness exams to vaccinations for your cat.
  • Surgery – From neutering or spaying kittens to performing surgery on adult cats, our veterinarians can do it all.
  • Dental Care – We can keep your cat’s mouth healthy with dental care and oral surgery.
  • Diagnostics – Our cat veterinarians can perform all advanced cat health diagnostics, including urinalysis and ultrasounds.
  • Pharmacy – Prescription diets, medications, parasite preventatives and more can be provided to help you maintain your cat’s health.
  • End of Life Care – Let us make your senior cat’s final days easier with pain management and euthanasia services.

The Finest Veterinary Clinic for Cats in Central Minnesota

Regular, high-quality veterinary care will ensure your cat is happy and healthy. Call Rice Veterinary Clinic today to schedule veterinary care for your cat in the Rice area!