Cat Veterinarian - Sauk Rapids

Cat Veterinarian in Sauk Rapids, MN

Have you been searching for a cat veterinarian in Sauk Rapids?

Every cat owner knows that our kitties are as good as family, and it’s our duty to make sure they’re well cared for. If you’re a cat owner in the Sauk Rapids area, bring your cat in for the care it deserves at Rice Veterinary Clinic.

Cat Vets Who You Can Trust

At Rice Veterinary Clinic, we’re driven to always deliver a first-class experience to our feline patients and their owners in Sauk Rapids. Let our cat veterinarians do the following for your kitty:

  • Wellness & Preventive Care – Our cat vets can provide all necessary health care throughout your cat’s life.
  • Surgery – We can provide a wide range of surgeries for cats, including kitten spaying and neutering.
  • Dental Care – Oral hygiene is important to a cat’s health, and our veterinarians can provide any dental care needed.
  • Diagnostics – Ultrasounds, X-rays, complete blood counts and more can be performed by our cat veterinarians.
  • Pharmacy – From prescription medication to flea and tick preventatives, let our cat vets supply everything your kitty needs.
  • End of Life Care – When your cat reaches it final days, our veterinarians will manage the pain as best we can and provide euthanasia.

Central Minnesota's Most Reliable Cat Veterinary Clinic

When cared for by our cat vets, your kitty is guaranteed to live its best life. Give Rice Veterinary Clinic a call today if you’d like to set up a veterinary appointment for your cat in the Sauk Rapids area!