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Cat Veterinarians in Waite Park, MN

Do you want to visit an experienced cat veterinarian in Waite Park?

Cats bring newfound joy and entertainment to our lives, so it’s up to us to make sure they’re as happy and healthy as they can be. A professional cat veterinarian can offer a full range of health care services to keep your kitty in great health. If you need a veterinarian for your cat in the Waite Park area, make an appointment with Rice Veterinary Clinic.


Experienced Local Cat Vets

At Rice Veterinary Clinic, our highest priority is to provide the top level of care for our kitty patients. You can rely on our cat vets near Waite Park to provide your cat with these veterinary services:

  • Wellness & Preventive Care – Throughout your cat’s life, our vets will perform wellness exams, vaccinations, nutritional and behavior counseling, and all other services you need.
  • Surgery – Our veterinarians can neuter or spay your kitten, and also perform other surgeries on cats of all ages.
  • Dental Care – We can provide dental cleaning for your cats, along with digital dental radiographs, tooth extractions, and other oral wellness care.
  • Diagnostics – From X-rays to urinalysis, our skilled vets can perform all types of in-house diagnostics to monitor your cat’s health.
  • Pharmacy – Our staff can provide you with medications, prescription food, and other kitty health care supplies at our pharmacy.
  • End of Life Care – When your cat is approaching its final days, our veterinarians can make the process easier with pain management and euthanasia.

The Best Cat Veterinary Clinic Near Waite Park

With help from our vets, your cat will be able to enjoy life to the fullest. Get in touch with Rice Veterinary Clinic today to schedule a veterinary appointment for your cat in the Waite Park area!