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Dog Veterinarian in Rice, MN

Are you looking for a dog veterinarian in Rice?

The bond between human and dog is a special thing, and it’s your duty as a dog owner to keep your canine companions in the best health throughout their lives. If you have a beloved puppy pal in Rice, bring them to Rice Veterinary Clinic for exemplary veterinary care.

Dog Vets You Can Always Rely On

At Rice Veterinary Clinic, using our knowledge and our resources to care for your dog is always our top priority. The following services can be performed by our dog veterinarians in Rice:

  • Wellness & Preventive Care – Wellness exams, vaccinations, behavior counseling and more provided by our dog vets.
  • Surgery – Spaying or neutering for puppies, orthopedic surgeries and all other surgical care can be performed by our dog veterinarians.
  • Dental Care – Tooth cleanings, dental radiographs and all other care for your dog’s teeth.
  • Diagnostics – Complete blood counts, urinalysis, ultrasounds and other dog health diagnostics handled by our dog vets.
  • Pharmacy – Prescription or over-the-counter medications, parasite preventatives and other products can be provided to help you care for your pup.
  • End of Life Care – Pain management and euthanasia services for senior dogs approaching their final days.

Central Minnesota's Most Dependable Dog Veterinary Clinic

Scheduling regular veterinary services for your puppy is key to making sure it lives a long and healthy life. Give Rice Veterinary Clinic a call today to make a veterinary appointment for your dog in the Rice area!