Dog Veterinarian - Sartell

Dog Veterinarian in Sartell, MN

Do you need a trusted veterinarian for your dog in Sartell?

When you own a dog, you have a loyal lifelong friend who deserves devoted veterinary care to live the best life possible under your care. At Rice Veterinary Clinic, our dog veterinarians would be happy to take care of your beloved puppy in the Sartell area.

The Perfect Vets for Your Pup

Rice Veterinary Clinic is committed to providing the highest level of veterinary care for our canine patients. If you own a dog in Sartell, our vets can keep them healthy with these services:

  • Wellness & Preventive Care – From wellness exams to nutritional counseling, we can perform all necessary services to preserve your dog’s health.
  • Surgery – If you need to have your new puppy spayed or neutered, or if any other surgical care is needed, our dog veterinarians can perform the surgery.
  • Dental Care – Our dog vets can perform tooth cleaning, polishing, extractions and more.
  • Diagnostics – We can provide advanced diagnostics services such as urinalysis and ultrasound to monitor your dog’s health.
  • Pharmacy – Whether you need prescription or over-the-counter medications and supplements for your dog, our vets can provide them.
  • End of Life Care – When your dog has reached the end of its life, our veterinarians can manage the pain and perform euthanasia services.

Central Minnesota's Top Dog Veterinary Clinic

Your dog’s health care should be handled by experienced vets who share your love of puppies. Contact Rice Veterinary Clinic today if you would like to schedule a veterinary appointment for your dog in the Sartell area!