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Dog Veterinarians in Waite Park, MN

Have you been looking for a good dog veterinarian in Waite Park?

Dogs are our best friends and it’s our duty to provide them with the best love and care to help them enjoy long, happy lives. A trained dog veterinarian can provide all of the health care services your pup needs to flourish. At Rice Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarians offer the highest level of care for dogs in the Waite Park area.


Dog Vets You Can Count On

Rice Veterinary Clinic is committed to providing exceptional care for all our doggy patients. Our dog vets near Waite Park can perform the following veterinary services for your dogs:

  • Wellness & Preventive Care – From your dog’s puppy years to its senior years, our veterinarians can provide vaccinations, wellness exams, and more.
  • Surgery – If your puppy needs to be spayed or neutered, or any other surgeries for your dog are required, leave it in the capable hands of our dog vets.
  • Dental Care – Our staff can perform regular dental cleanings for your dogs, as well as any needed tooth extractions or other oral surgeries.
  • Diagnostics – Our dog veterinarians perform a full range of diagnostics, including urinalysis, ultrasound, complete blood count, and much more.
  • Pharmacy – You can visit our pharmacy to pick up prescription diets, medications, parasite preventatives, and supplements for your pup.
  • End of Life Care – As your dog enters the final period of its life, our compassionate vets can provide hospice, pain management, and euthanasia.

Premier Dog Veterinary Clinic Near Waite Park

Leave it to us to help your favorite pup live the healthiest life possible. Connect with Rice Veterinary Clinic today if you’d like to make a veterinary appointment for your dog in the Waite Park area!