Pet Microchipping - Sartell

Microchipping in Sartell, MN

Would you like to microchip your pet in the Sartell area?

Microchipping is a simple and effective way to help reunite lost pets with their owners. At Rice Vet Clinic, all our dog and cat friends in the Sartell area can get microchipping services to give their owners peace of mind knowing their furry friends have a permanent form of identification.

Easily Locate a Lost Dog or Cat

Rice Vet Clinic uses the latest technology to ensure your pet’s microchipping process is quick, safe, and painless. The chip contains a unique identification number read using a special scanner. This number is linked to your contact information in a national pet recovery database, allowing you to reunite quickly with your cat or dog if they are ever lost. 

Microchipping is a one-time procedure that provides lifelong identification for your pet. It cannot be removed like a conventional collar or tag. Many lost dogs and cats without microchips end up in animal shelters or rescuers, and sadly, their owners may never be found. Microchipping can help prevent this so your pet is quickly recovered if you are separated from them and they are taken to a shelter or humane society in Sartell. The entire process takes only a few minutes, and your pet can resume normal activities immediately afterward.

Reliable Microchipping for Your Pet in Sartell

Our professional veterinarians are here to answer your questions and schedule your pet for microchipping. Contact Rice Vet Clinic today to learn more about our microchipping services in the Sartell area!