Pet Microchipping - St. Cloud

Pet Microchipping in St. Cloud, MN

Are you a pet owner in the St. Cloud area who would like to have your cat or dog microchipped?

Having a pet run away is a great source of fear for many people. It’s especially concerning when a cat or dog that normally lives indoors disappears without a collar. If you want a way to recover your pet in the event of this worst case scenario, you should have them microchipped by a veterinarian in the St. Cloud area.

Microchip Your Dog or Cat for a Safe Recovery

At Rice Veterinary Clinic, we can microchip cats and dogs of all sizes. In case you didn’t know, a microchip is a miniature responder that can be painlessly implanted in your pet by our trained vets. Then, you can register your pet’s name, your contact info and the microchip number to allow for identification.

Lost dogs and cats in St. Cloud often fall into the care of animal shelters and humane societies. These facilities will scan pets for a microchip upon arrival. If your puppy or kitty is microchipped and registered, this will allow for them to contact you so that you can safely recover your pet.

Get Your Pet Microchipped Today

Microchipping gives you the best chance of retrieving a lost pet. Get in touch with Rice Veterinary Clinic today to have a microchip implanted in your cat or dog in the St. Cloud area!