Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Care in Rice, MN

Would you like to have dental care for your pet performed by veterinarians in Rice?

Most pet owners think of bringing their cat or dog to the vet for check-ups and vaccinations, but regular dental care should also be part of your pet’s veterinary services. Without pet dental care, serious health issues can develop in your dog or cat’s mouth. If you want to schedule a dental appointment for your pet in Rice, bring your four-legged friend to Rice Veterinary Clinic.

Reliable Dental Care for Cats & Dogs

The veterinary staff at Rice Veterinary Clinic are trained to perform all necessary dental health services in Rice for cats and dogs of all ages, from kittens and puppies to seniors. Just like humans, dogs and cats can develop harmful bacteria in their mouths that eventually lead to disease, but pet dental care can prevent these issues and treat them if they do occur.

We can provide the following dental care for your puppy or kitty in Rice:

  • Oral Health Wellness Care – Our vets can examine your dog or cat’s mouth for signs of periodontal disease, damaged teeth and other issues that we can treat.
  • Dental Cleanings & Polishing – We can carefully clean your kitty or puppy’s teeth to prevent the build-up of plaque and bacteria.
  • Tooth Extractions & Other Oral Surgery – If your pet needs to have a tooth extracted or other oral surgery performed, our veterinarians can provide it.
  • Digital Dental Radiographs – Our staff can X-ray your dog or cat’s teeth to identify any dental health issues they are experiencing.

Take Care of Your Pet's Teeth in Rice

Dental care is critical to your pet’s health and wellness. Contact Rice Veterinary Clinic today in order to schedule a dental appointment for your dog or cat in Rice!

Rice Veterinary Clinic offers pet dental care in Sauk Rapids, St. Cloud, and in other surrounding ares. Call today!