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Dental Care for Dogs in St. Cloud, MN

Are you looking for a trained dog dentist near St. Cloud

Keeping your dog’s teeth nice and clean is one of many things you can do to ensure your dog lives a long and healthy life. Oral issues such as periodontal disease and fractured teeth can cause great discomfort to your canine companion, but a dog dentist can prevent these issues from occurring and treat them if they do. Bring your puppy to Rice Veterinary Clinic for the best dog dental care in the St. Cloud area.

Looking for a Dentist to Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean & Healthy?

Rice Veterinary Clinics provides all dog dental services to our furry patients in the St. Cloud area. By receiving regular dental care at our clinic, all dogs, from puppies to seniors, will be protected against the many health problems that begin in the teeth and gums.

To preserve your dog’s dental health, we offer these services near St. Cloud:
  • Oral Health Wellness Care – With a quick dental check-up, we can identify and treat any current or future issues with your dog’s mouth and teeth.
  • Dental Cleanings & Polishing – By thoroughly cleaning your pup’s teeth, our dentists can remove plaque and bacteria.
  • Tooth Extractions & Other Oral Surgery – If your dog needs to have a fractured tooth extracted or any other oral surgical care, you can trust our dog dentists to do a flawless job.
  • Digital Dental Radiographs – Our dog vets can take an X-ray of your puppy’s mouth to identify signs of periodontal disease and other health problems.

The Top-Rated Dog Dental Clinic in St. Cloud

If you’ve been seeking a trusted dentist to take care of your dog’s teeth, we’d be happy to fill that role. Get in touch with Rice Veterinary Clinic today in order to schedule a dental appointment for your dog in the St. Cloud area!