Pet Vaccinations - St. Cloud

Pet Vaccination in St. Cloud, MN

Are you looking for cat or dog vaccination services in St. Cloud?

Veterinary care is crucial to good pet health, and vaccination is one of the most important services that veterinarians can provide. Vaccines offer preventative protection against the many illnesses that can afflict dogs and cats. For trusted pet vaccination services near St. Cloud, bring your pet to Rice Veterinary Clinic.

Immunize Your Pet With Vaccines

At Rice Veterinary Clinic, we can vaccinate pets of all ages, from puppies and kittens to pets in their senior years. The vaccines that our trained veterinarians administer will keep your pets safe from all common illnesses that might jeopardize their health.

Keeping up with vaccinations is one of the best ways to help your cat or dog live the most comfortable life possible. There are some pet owners in St. Cloud who believe only an outdoor dog or cat needs to be vaccinated, but even indoor pets can be exposed to bacteria and viruses.

Our vets can immunize your cat or dog in St. Cloud against the following diseases and more:

  • Bordetella for dogs
  • DA2PPV for dogs
  • Lyme disease for dogs
  • Feline leukemia for cats
  • FVRCP for cats
  • Leptospirosis
  • Rabies

Keep Your Pets Vaccinated in St. Cloud

Do you want to help your kitty or puppy stay healthy throughout its life? Contact Rice Veterinary Clinic today in order to schedule a vaccination appointment for your pet in the St. Cloud area!