Pet Spaying/Neutering - St. Cloud

Pet Spaying & Neutering in St. Cloud, MN

Are you the new owner of a puppy or kitten in the St. Cloud area that you’d like to have neutered or spayed?

For most pet owners, having your cat or dog spayed or neutered when they’re young is a wise idea. Some think that sterilizing a pet is inhumane, but the reality is that the surgery is both virtually painless and prevents not only unwanted reproduction, but many serious health issues. When you adopt or buy a kitten or puppy in the St. Cloud area, you should have them spayed or neutered by trusted vets as soon as possible.

How Spaying & Neutering Helps Your Pet

Rice Veterinary Clinic’s team of vets can safely spay or neuter your puppy or kitten in the St. Cloud area. This will keep your animal from reproducing when you don’t want them to and also protect them from the many health problems that can afflict animals with intact reproductive organs.

Spaying a female dog or cat greatly decreases the chances of mammary and uterine cancer. Spaying also keeps female pets from being in heat, causing them to exhibit annoying and destructive behavior such as spotting.

Neutering a male cat or dog will prevent them from developing testicular cancer and also lower the risk of prostate cancer. Another benefit of neutering your pet is that they will not develop aggressive and hypersexual behaviors that can lead to altercations with other animals.

Want to Have Your Puppy or Kitten Spayed or Neutered?

Spaying and neutering your pets prevents pregnancy and reduces the risk of many illnesses. Call Rice Veterinary Clinic today if you’re ready to have your puppy or kitten spayed or neutered in the St. Cloud area!