Wellness Exams - St. Cloud

Pet Wellness Exams in St. Cloud, MN

Are you interested in having a wellness exam performed for your pet by veterinarians in the St. Cloud area?

Dogs and cats are vulnerable to a number of illnesses and health complications which aren’t always immediately apparent. To make sure you catch these problems early, you should schedule pet wellness exams with a veterinary clinic in the St. Cloud area. Trained vets can give your cat or dog an examination to identify warning signs of any health issues and advise you on how to remedy them.

Thorough Wellness Exams for Dogs & Cats

The veterinary staff at Rice Veterinary Clinic can provide wellness exams for pets in all age groups, from new puppies and kittens up through senior animals. Scheduling wellness exams on an annual basis is recommended to maintain the good health of your kitty or puppy.

When you bring your pet to our St. Cloud area veterinarians, they’ll check them for any signs of diseases or other health issues. This process will include a physical examination, weight and body temperature checks, heartbeat monitoring, and more. In the event that we find any red flags, we’ll recommend steps you can take to restore your cat or dog’s health.

Does Your Pet Need a Check-Up by Vets in St. Cloud?

Wellness exams by trained vets are a vital part of health care for all dogs and cats. Contact Rice Veterinary Clinic today to schedule a wellness exam for your pet in the St. Cloud area!