Pet Spaying/Neutering

Pet Spaying & Neutering in Rice, MN

Do you need to have your kitten or puppy spayed or neutered in the Rice area?

Unless you are an experienced breeder, you should have your dog or cat spayed or neutered at a young age. While the idea of sterilizing your pet may seem cruel, it’s actually a painless surgery which can prevent numerous health issues later in life. If you’ve just brought a new kitten or puppy into your home in Rice, we recommend having them neutered or spayed at a reliable veterinary clinic.

Benefits of Spaying & Neutering Pets

At Rice Veterinary Clinic, our experienced veterinary staff can safely and painlessly neuter or spay your cat or dog. Spaying or neutering your pet will prevent the risk of unwanted pregnancy, along with many other health issues.

Having a female cat or dog spayed will drastically reduce the risk of both uterine and mammary cancer. This will also prevent female pets from being in heat, which can lead to obnoxious behavior and spotting stains on your carpet and furniture.

When you have a male dog or cat neutered, you will eliminate the life-threatening risk of testicular cancer and greatly reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Neutering your pet has the additional benefit of preventing aggressive and hypersexual behavior.

Have Your Puppy or Kitten Neutered or Spayed Today

Are you ready to have your pet neutered or spayed to prevent pregnancy and health complications? Connect with Rice Veterinary Clinic today to schedule a spaying or neutering appointment for your kitten or puppy in the Rice area!

For pet owners in the Sartell, Sauk Rapids, St. Cloud or surrounding area, the team at Rice Veterinary Clinic can provide top notch pet spaying and neutering services.